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Overcoming high salt corrosion: keeping architectural LED street lights safe

Solutionproled, a renowned supplier of Architectural LED Lighting and street lights solutions, has been at the forefront of reshaping outdoor illumination with its cutting-edge, energy-efficient products.

In regions exposed to elevated salt concentrations, like coastal areas, architectural-led street light often faces the relentless threat of corrosion, which can result in various operational challenges.

This article explores the telltale signs of high salt corrosion impacting architectural LED street lights and highlights how Solutionproled is spearheading innovative approaches to proactively safeguard these lighting systems, ensuring their long-term durability and performance.

Table of Contents

  1. Symptoms of High Salt Corrosion: What to Watch For
  2. Effective Solutions: Combating High Salt Corrosion Head-On
  3. Preventive Measures
  4. Remediation Measures
  5. Stringent Testing and Quality Assurance

Symptoms of High Salt Corrosion: What to Watch For 

  1. Material Erosion: The first signs of high salt corrosion manifest as the deterioration of materials utilized in architectural LED street lights. This includes the visible appearance of rust and structural degradation in metal poles and housing units.
  2. Diminished Illumination: As corrosion progresses, it can obstruct the optical elements within lighting fixtures, such as lenses and reflectors. This results in a decline in the quality and intensity of illumination, presenting safety concerns in public spaces.
  3. Electrical Complications: High salt corrosion can also affect the electrical components of LED streetlights, leading to issues like electrical shorts, flickering, or complete system failures. These problems not only jeopardize safety but also result in increased maintenance expenses.
  4. Aesthetic Deterioration: The impact of high salt corrosion extends to the aesthetics of architectural LED street lights, tarnishing the visual appeal of streets and public areas. This aesthetic decline is particularly worrisome for urban environments that prioritize both functionality and visual aesthetics.

Effective Solutions: Combating High Salt Corrosion Head-On 

We acknowledge the formidable challenge posed by high salt corrosion and are unwavering in our commitment to delivering innovative remedies to prevent and mitigate this widespread issue.

Preventive Measures

Cutting-Edge Protective Coatings: Our architectural LED street lights feature state-of-the-art protective coatings meticulously engineered to repel salt corrosion. These coatings establish an impenetrable shield, safeguarding the fixtures from the detrimental effects of salt spray.

Material Excellence: We maintain rigorous material selection standards for its fixtures, ensuring exceptional resistance to corrosion. This includes using metals that don’t corrode and materials that don’t corrode in important parts.

Precision in Design: Our fixtures are precision-engineered with environmental conditions in mind. We carefully consider factors such as the intensity of salt spray, precipitation, and temperature fluctuations to craft fixtures that are robust and enduring.

Remediation Measures 

Corrosion Remediation: In instances where architectural LED street lights have already been affected by corrosion, we provide thorough restoration services. This involves the precise removal of corrosion, the repair of damaged components, and the application of protective coatings to prevent future corrosion.

Upgrade Solutions: We offer upgrade solutions designed to bolster the resilience of existing fixtures against salt corrosion. This may involve retrofitting with corrosion-resistant materials or the application of advanced protective coatings, ensuring extended durability and performance.

Stringent Testing and Quality Assurance 

At Solutionproled, our steadfast dedication to quality assurance means that every architectural LED street light manufactured in our facility undergoes rigorous testing.

Our testing procedures include extended salt spray tests, where the fixtures are exposed to conditions simulating high salt environments.

This uncompromising testing protocol ensures that our products not only meet but consistently surpass industry standards, guaranteeing exceptional quality and performance for our customers.


High salt corrosion presents a significant challenge that can compromise the efficiency and aesthetics of architectural LED street lights. However, the key to mitigating this issue lies in proactive strategies and the use of top-tier materials.

Falcon Security Services specializes in providing architectural LED lighting solutions engineered to withstand high salt corrosion, ensuring the durability, functionality, and visual appeal of your outdoor lighting infrastructure.

Whether you’re contending with the effects of high salt corrosion on architectural LED street lights or seeking preventative measures to safeguard your investments, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. Falcon Security Services is committed to lighting the way forward with cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Discover more about our offerings on our website today.

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