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Why the Eaton EasyE4 Keeps Getting High Ratings

As a programmable logic controller, the Eaton EasyE4 continues to be one of the top recommended choices. Put aside for a moment the strong reputation Eaton has for quality products, significant customer support and ongoing design improvement. The EasyE4 by itself is already a robust package right from the start.

The EasyE4 provides a dozen I/O connections that can be easily enlarged up to 188 I/O nodes as well. It’s quite capable of managing multiple systems simultaneously, which is why the EasyE4 is a top choice for facility managers looking to combine control of lighting, HVAC, pumps and automation in one tool. Add in the fact that the EasyE4 is both compact while being highly flexible for different compatibility requirements, and the product wins over hearts and minds of even the most recalcitrant facility managers after working with one and applying it real-time.

Eaton’s package comes in different options as well. It can be set up with a standard installation for minimal change and management or it can be provided with a display screen for periodic changes and visual reporting. Inherent in the design are four different languages, programming-wise. That allows for extensive customization while still providing canned tools such as timer-control functions, counters, and perimeters. And, if the above is not enough, the Eaton EasyE4 can also be bolstered by as many as 11 more expansion options.

Key features also include expected industrial details that allow the EasyE4 to work under the most demanding environments:

  • Ethernet connection compatibility
  • 8-digital format inputs
  • 100 to 240 VAC power
  • 4-relay outputs
  • A small space footprint with compact dimensions

The EasyE4 also incorporates an integrated software from Eaton, easySoft. The language is specifically designed for maximum performance efficiency with the EasyE4. Owners can easily use the integrated code as provided, or 4 other languages can be utilized instead, an ideal flexibility for system managers who want to customize some units and leave others as standard setups.

A serious evolution upgrade from its Eaton predecessor, the easy500 through 800 models, the EasyE4 outpaces and outperforms all of its cousins mainly due to its expansion features. All of it can be managed with a highly durable touch panel access that won’t fall apart with regular industrial use. Instead, the EasyE4s touch panel allows for visual management that bypasses otherwise technical coding, an ideal option for fast management learning of the controller versus memorization of operation codes.

Seagate Controls is your facility or project’s access to the Eaton EasyE4 as well as the Eaton line of support and customer assistance as well. Not only does Eaton’s product line outpace most other alternatives on the market, Seagate Controls helps bridge the ongoing support needed both for maximum installation design as well as the best approach for ongoing system maintenance. Our technical experts are fully trained in and work with every Eaton product distributed, and the EasyE4 is by far one of the most popular applied choices available for PCLs. Contact us for more technical information and education on the EasyE4. You won’t be disappointed.

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