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The Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Comments: A Comprehensive Guide


For the past two years, I’ve been navigating the ever-evolving landscape of YouTube content creation. In this journey, I’ve faced challenges, celebrated small victories, and learned a lot along the way. Building a successful YouTube channel isn’t just about creating great content; it’s also about engaging with your audience effectively. One crucial metric for engagement is the number of comments on your videos. This is where a YouTube marketing service played a significant role in helping me achieve my goals. In this blog post, I will share my personal experiences and insights regarding the pros and cons of buying YouTube comments.

The Pros

Enhanced Social Proof

When potential viewers see a video with a substantial number of comments, it can pique their interest. They’re more likely to believe the video is popular, increasing the chances they’ll click and engage. This social proof can be especially helpful when you’re trying to establish yourself as a content creator in a crowded niche.

Improved Visibility

YouTube’s algorithm prioritizes videos with high engagement, including comments. More comments can lead to better search rankings and recommendations, helping your video reach a wider audience. If you’re aiming to get your content in front of more eyes, buying comments can be an effective strategy.

Boosted Interactivity:

A video with lots of comments encourages real viewers to join the conversation. Genuine interactions in the comments section can help build a sense of community around your channel. When viewers see others engaging with your content, they’re more likely to participate as well, fostering a healthy discussion.

Save Time and Effort:

Gaining comments organically can be a time-consuming process. Building a dedicated and engaged audience takes effort, and sometimes you need a jumpstart. Buying comments can provide you with that initial boost, allowing you to focus on creating content while maintaining engagement levels. This is particularly valuable for creators who may not have the time to spend on extensive community building.

Attract Advertisers and Sponsors:

A channel with a thriving and engaged audience is more attractive to potential advertisers and sponsors. Buying comments can contribute to creating a more appealing image for your channel, which can lead to more monetization opportunities. Brands are more likely to collaborate with creators who appear to have an active and engaged viewership.

Enhanced Feedback Loop:

Comments, even if initially purchased, can lead to valuable feedback. When real viewers start to engage with your content in response to the purchased comments, you can gain insights into what they like and don’t like. This feedback can help you fine-tune your content strategy and better cater to your audience.

The Cons

Inauthentic Engagement

Comments bought from services may not represent genuine viewer opinions. While it boosts the numbers, it may not foster real engagement with your content. For long-term success, it’s crucial to cultivate genuine connections with your viewers. Even though you bought the comment plan, still check on the interaction and make it authentic!

Risk of Negative Perception:

Some viewers can spot inauthentic comments, which can damage your channel’s credibility. They might question the authenticity of your entire channel, and that can be difficult to recover from. Trust is a precious commodity in the world of content creation, and it’s essential to maintain it.

Financial Cost:

Buying YouTube comments can be expensive, especially for smaller creators. It’s essential to consider whether the financial investment is worth the potential benefits. You should evaluate whether your budget is better spent on other aspects of content creation, such as improving your video production or promoting your content.

Terms of Service Violations:

YouTube has strict policies against artificially inflating engagement metrics. Buying comments can lead to the removal of these comments or, in severe cases, channel suspension. Violating YouTube’s terms of service is a significant risk and can have long-lasting consequences, so it’s essential to be cautious.

Legal and Ethical Concerns:

There may be legal and ethical concerns associated with buying comments. Depending on your country and local regulations, engaging in activities like this could have consequences. Additionally, it’s essential to uphold ethical standards in your content creation journey.

My Experience

As a YouTuber in my second year, I was eager to see my channel grow faster. I decided to give LenosTube a try to increase my comments count. The service allowed me to purchase a package of comments that were strategically placed on my videos. At first, I was thrilled with the immediate results. My video comments shot up, and it seemed like I was gaining more traction. However, my excitement was short-lived.

While my video engagement numbers increased, I noticed that the comments were generic and lacked the personal touch of genuine viewer interactions. My subscribers also picked up on the change and began questioning the authenticity of the comments, which made me rethink my strategy.

Initially, I noticed that the purchased comments lacked authenticity and were generated by users fulfilling a paid task, which had a negative impact on my channel’s reputation. This led me to prioritize real and engaging interactions with my viewers over sheer comment numbers. Concerns about violating YouTube’s terms of service prompted me to stop buying comments and focus on building a genuine audience.

However, I later discovered that LenosTube offered a special comment plan that featured genuine comments from users who truly appreciated my content. After contacting their support team, they promptly addressed and resolved the issue of generic comments. In the end, my experience with LenosTube proved positive and praiseworthy.


Buying YouTube comments can offer both advantages and disadvantages. It’s crucial to weigh these factors and consider your long-term goals and channel growth strategy.

My experience with LenosTube was a learning phase, and it’s noteworthy. This knowledge helps me to build a building a loyal and thriving YouTube community.

As you explore the world of YouTube content creation, make informed decisions about how you approach engagement metrics like comments. A combination of organic growth, strategic marketing, and high-quality content is likely the most effective way to ensure your YouTube channel’s success. Remember that the journey of building a successful YouTube channel is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s essential to prioritize quality, authenticity, and ethical practices in your content creation efforts.

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