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The Pros and Cons of Microsoft OneNote: Is it Worth Using?

OneNote has become a staple for many people in the workplace. It’s taken many years for people to notice how helpful the platform can be. After all, note-taking is a simple yet highly effective task that can bring a lot of value to your work life. People who can effectively take notes can attest that it helps them be more efficient, reduces the need for inquiries and reduces the risk of simple errors.

Microsoft OneNote was launched in 2003 as a digital note-taking software to help users stay organized and keep all notes in one central place. According to businesses who provide IT Support Services in London, the software has gone from being considered a simple personal note-taking tool to becoming a powerful, enterprise-ready tool for better content management and collaboration.

The software has many benefits and features but like any software, it also has its disadvantages.


  1. OneNote has proved to be highly customizable with the notes you make. The platform offers a variety of formatting options to make your notes more effective and visually appealing. This includes fonts, colours, backgrounds, tables and drag and drop images. Users can also record audio and video for lectures, meetings and interviews and even digitize any handwritten notes and diagrams.
  2. Keeping notes organized is a breeze with OneNote. The platform allows you to create digital notebooks that can be divided into pages and sections that can be created, modified and moved at any time. Notes can also be tagged so that they are easier to search.
  3. For companies that are looking to their IT Support Companyfor ideas on how to better collaborate amongst their remote workers, OneNote has that covered. You can easily share notes with others by inviting them to view or edit notes. This is especially helpful for brainstorming and working on specific projects together where everyone needs to be on the same page.
  4. Microsoft has ensured that OneNote is available on multiple operating systems and accessible on any device. This allows users to be able to sync notes and be able to access, create and modify them between spaces and devices as long as they have access to the internet.
  5. Just like most of Microsoft’s products, OneNote is easily integrated with other products that you are already familiar with. You can make notes with Outlook tasks, embed Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. OneNote makes it easy to find relevant information and data without needing to switch between apps.


  1. Many find that with so many features and customization options there can be a steep learning curve with the platform. It can be a bit overwhelming to new users but TechQuarters, a trusted IT support company based in London, found that once users get the hang of it then it’s great to use.
  2. There can be a lack of formatting consistency across different devices. When viewing notes across different devices things like the formatting of text and media can change. For those looking for consistency, this can be annoying.
  3. Users find that although you can use OneNote across different devices there is not as much functionality on the mobile app as they would like. The mobile app doesn’t offer all the features that you will find on the desktop version. Some also find that their notes don’t always sync as quickly and seamlessly as they would like.
  4. While the platform is very compatible with different operating systems and devices, this is not the case for transferring notes. There are currently no options to export notes to another application.
  5. Lastly not everyone is so keen on the idea that OneNote stores their data on Microsoft’s servers. This is becoming the norm as many Microsoft products move to cloud-based services. Some like it but others find it raises concerns on privacy and data security.

OneNote is by far Microsoft’s best note-taking platform currently. The platform allows a high amount of organization, customization and collaboration. It’s highly versatile and flexible, perfect for personal life or a corporate setting. The platform isn’t perfect but that hasn’t stopped a lot of users from using it. It’s one of the most widely used note-taking platforms for a good reason.

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